Our journey

Our story is a commitment to evolving sustainability in the textile industry, and we're glad to have you along for the ride.

In late 2019, we kicked off our journey with a simple idea: let's make eco-friendly home textiles more accessible. Starting with linen bedding, our product line soon expanded to include bath towels and robes. But we had bigger plans – to change how business is done.

As we observed the growing pile of textiles in our homes and the lack of clear solutions, we decided to develop a program aimed at making the home textile industry more circular. Today, we're gearing up for an exciting textile recovery program launching this fall.

Values we live by

Planet before Profit

We believe in the potential of doing good business, driven by our compassion for both the planet and our communities.

Progress over Perfection

We acknowledge our imperfections and have no intention of pretending otherwise. Our commitment remains rooted in honesty and authenticity at all times.


We wake up, work hard, and get things done. We don't give up, even when we face setbacks; instead, we keep trying.


We appreciate our community, our journey, and we're thankful to play a small role in this significant sustainable movement.