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How it all started

Dreams Jumper was founded in 2019 with a simple idea - to offer you the bedding that is dreamy soft and made with care and gratitude to our planet. Born and raised in Europe our love for textile and especially linen is deeply rooted in our family traditions and rituals.

We believe that some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen. We also believe that investing in your sleep brings you one step closer to your dreams and fills your days with joy along the way. 

We all know a good night’s sleep matters as with great sleep come greater days. Nothing matters more to us than creating a space that allows for sleep to be treated as a ritual.

Immense yourself in the dreamiest luxury of linen and create a sanctuary for your soul in your everyday life.

Our Impact

At Dreams Jumper, only high quality, natural fibres and fabrics make the cut. We work closely with our suppliers and factories in Europe to ensure the exceedingly high standards of our products are maintained - including ethical compensation of those that make them. We ship all our products by sea to minimize the environmental footprint. 

Our  accessories collections are produced in our Aurora, Ontario workshop, which is a zero waste environment. This means we upcycle every off-cut, cutting room waste fabric or any unsold item into a new wonderful piece for you to enjoy. We focus on efficient product design and pattern cutting techniques, aiming to use 90-100% of the fabric when cutting.

Excellence with simplicity
Respect for the environment
Personal and Professional Integrity and Ethics
Customer Satisfaction