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  • Wake up rested every day

    Dress your beds in linen for your best sleep

We purchased this natural color for our baby crib and it couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for the nursery. Pictures don’t do it justice. I love the feel of the linen fabric and it just makes the crib look so cozy. Highly recommend - also the customer service is 10/10!

Megan Harper

Make sleeping simple with pure comfort

Safe, smooth and breathable sheets that are perfect for little ones.

Children spend nearly half of their childhoods in their beds. From snuggle time, to playtime, to storytime, to bedtime; with stone-washed linen, you create a timeless little haven. Breathable and soft to the touch. Their bed becomes their own mini slice of paradise⁠⁠; where they can enjoy collecting beautiful childhood memories and jump between dreams all night long.

Experience the countless benefits of linen

Breathable | No more hot nights of restless sleep.
Anti-Bacterial |  Stay’s cleaner and fresher for longer.
Hypoallergenic |  Great for sensitive, eczema-prone skin. 
Dirt-Repellent | Equipped to deal with your little one’s adventures. 
Water Absorbing | Absorbs up to 20% of its own weight in water, before becoming damp. 
Stonewashed Softness | Over time, our linens become softer and more comfortable.
Sustainably Sourced & Eco-Friendly | Good for the planet, and your little one’s future.